Dental Implants

As low as $99/Month*

One Hour Teeth Whitening

Always a low $149


As low as $99/Month*

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

With all the advancement in the world, does it feel right to you that the majority of dentistry is still practiced the same way it was 30 years ago? Isn’t there a better way then the endless cycle of drilling and filling? At Genuine Dental, we specialize in minimally invasive dentistry! Our goal is to conserve your natural tooth structure by treating problems at its earliest stages. With the help of new dental technologies such as our CAVITY CAMERAS, we accurately diagnose cavities so early that 80% of our regular fillings are done without having to numb the tooth! Better yet, for people that can’t get regular fillings such as children and compromised adults, we have a new a new NON-INVASIVE CAVITY TREATMENT that will heal your tooth in about a minute. We believe that the best dentistry is the one that is not done at all!


“We do the Dentistry to Stop Dentistry On You”


Our motto says it all. If you do your dentistry with us, and maintain them the way we suggest, there won’t be a need for additional dentistry because we would have stopped it already.

A Different Experience

Private Dental Plans

No Deductibles, No Waiting Periods, No Greedy Dental Insurance Companies. Just a Private Dental Plan administered by our office to make dentistry affordable!

Financing up to 7 years

Financing available for any reasonable amount! We help remove financial barriers preventing you from fixing your dental problems TODAY! Don’t wait for your problems to get worse!

Modern Technology

We have tons of modern equipment from Cavity Detection Cameras, 3D Xrays, Lasers  CAD/CAM Porcelain Crowns and Veneers. We even have a virtually painless anesthesia delivery system!

Our Own Dental Lab

We do dental lab work ourselves! This means we really know what we are doing. We have extremely fast turnaround time such as same day one unit crowns, veneers, night guards and retainers!

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